Davines Circle Moments Hair Masks - 50ml

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The insane Davines Circle Moments Hair Mask range is sure to be something that you will benefit from. They are one of my best sellers and I absolutely love it! 

Davines Circle Moments Hair Mask has earned a reputation for providing your scalp and hair that much needed break from a hectic lifestyle. 

Why is Davines Circle Moments Hair Mask so fantastic?

Not only does Davines Circle Moments Hair Masks provide repairing properties, moisturising properties, repairing properties, cleansing properties and much much more to your hair. These masks help to restore healthy shine, nourishment and softness to stressed locks! The masks are clay based which helps to reassemble the external structure of the hair, while adding much needed moisture

If you are looking for a relaxation after a busy day at work then look no further than this! I would recommend shampooing your hair with your favourite Davines shampoo, and then applying the mask as your conditioner. Leave for 5-10 minuets and rinse thoroughly. 

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