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Cloud Nine Magical Quick Dry Potion

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I absolutely adore Cloud Nine Magical Quick Dry Potion, and its amazing ability to keep your hair protected from heat. Using a good quality heat protector is one of the most important factors in having amazing hair!

In addition to its heat protection properties, The Magical Quick Dry Potion also has an in built treatment to help with dry ends, as well as speeding up your blowdry time, which means more time for you!

How does The Magical Quick Dry Potion work?

Cloud Nine's Magical Quick Dry Potion is powered by technology, allowing it to form a protective shield without weighing down your hair. Working on the outside and inside of your hair, the active ingredients repel anything considered 'bad' for your hair, so your style looks, feels and smells great while you go about your busy day (or night!).

To defend your hair from heated tools, give the spray a good shake and spritz lightly over damp or dry hair.

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